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We bring your digital dreams to life, with innovative apps and software solutions.

Designing a great app is more than just an great idea. We strive to understand your concept, business model, and all your specific needs. A clear strategy is one of the keys to success for any software and mobile project. Lets create something your customer will feel empowered by. 

We have built custom white label solutions for a Safety Company, Augmented Reality Applications, Film Production management system, Virtual Fitting Room and many other projects. Let us know your needs! We are here to help. 

Where dreams become reality


    Good mobile applications and software is more than zeros and ones.  Our goal is to deliver high quality programming by bringing on the most talented people from all over the world. 

    Concept analysis  - UI/UX design
    Mobile application development (native IOS and Android + cross-platform development)
    Software and Mobile technologies consulting (Let us help you with the issues you might be having.
    Languages we speak: Native IOS / Android - Java - PHP - JavaScript - Python - Objective-C - Ruby - C++ - C# - SQL - Swift


    Great mobile design is more than just visuals. It’s functionality and user experience.
    Our team of software designers and engineers collaborate to push the boundaries of what’s possible.
    We build usable, friendly and intuitive applications that are equally stunning to look at.

    Do it right or not at all. We build it, you own it. Code will be clean, clear and concise. 
    Construct a foundation for later development. Never dodge a challenge. Bring it on!

  • WEB

    We help individuals and business owners to create one of a kind websites. Let us help you design, program, launch, and manage your beautiful websites that attract more eyeballs.  We don't just build simple sites,
    we can create one a kind connected web platforms to support your online projects. 


    Professional and reliable support for your online business and website.  We will work close with your team to deliver your product with the newest technology available. 

lucid lab background

"Lucid Lab team helped create a complex cross platform app and website portal in record time!" 

"Pete P" - Kasa Tech

marcin teodoru
Marcin TEODORu
CEO / Mad Scientist

mike kirby designer
Mike Kirby
Lead Designer / The Dreamer

tomek stachowiak programmer
Lead Developer / Dr. Refacto 

mike kirby digital designer